Gudrun Dorsch

I spent my childhood in Munich. My mother, an artist herself, discovered my talent at an early age and encouraged me to develop it. Excessive, imaginative, and unconventional, I turned my various ideas into my first works of art and so, already at a young age, I received commissions for book illustrations and calendars.
Hieronymus Bosch, Salvator Dali, Gottfried Helnwein, H.R. Giger and Tommy Ungerer fascinated me with their symbols and hidden messages. Curious, I plunged into the unreal worlds of the artists and tried to decipher their messages.  Visual communication as non-verbal language, in any form, fascinated me.
Through my training as a graphic designer, I learned about other ways of communication and entered into employment relationships after successfully completing my studies. At the same time, I worked for various publishing houses, companies, and institutions. Despite animal caricatures, poetry booklets, and design/advertising commissions, my affinity for drawing people remained. I understood the movement of people and their expression as my own language and so I continued to study and draw bodies in partly bizarre movements. Continuously, I reduced my figures more and more. The obvious is covered, concealed, disguised… the formerly “wrapped” ones became more and more “bodiless”, consisting of ribbons, sensual and emotional beings. With my ” wrapped figures ” I have found my own unmistakable style.

Current and planned exhibitions

  • Galerie Beck, Solo exhibition – Retrospektive, February 17-March 10, Homburg/Saar, DEU
  • Verum Arte, Collective exhibition, March 18-25, Florence, ITA
  • ArtMuc , Artfair, March 24-26 , Munich, DEU
  • ARTe Stuttgart, Artfair, April 14-16, Stuttgart, DEU
  • Art Karlsruhe, International Artfair, 4.-7. May, Karlsruhe, DEU
  • ARTe Wiesbaden, Artfair, September 8-10, Wiesbaden, DEU
  • SupermArt, Artfair, October 6-8, Nuremberg, DEU
  • ArtMuc, Artfair, 27-29 October, Munich, DEU

Previous exhibitions 2022

  • ART’e Wiesbaden, Artfair, Wiesbaden, DEU
  • SupermART, Artfair, Nuremberg, DEU
  • TrendSet – FineArts, Artfair, Munich, DEU
  • ArtGerecht, Artfair, Karlsruhe, DEU
  • ArtMuc , Artfair, Munich, DEU
  • Artbox Expo, Tana Art Space, Venice, ITA
  • TrendSet Winter – FineArts, Artfair, Munich, DEU

Exhibitions 2021

  • ARTMUC October 2021, Artfair, Munich, DEU
  • ArtGerecht, Artfair, Karlsruhe, DEU
  • GZ-Basel – Beyond, Artfair, Basel, CH
  • take-part, Joint exhibition, Saarbruecken, DEU
  • Barcelona, ArtBox Gallery, Joint exhibition, Barcelona, ESP

Exhibitions 2020

  • Art Prague, Joint exhibition, Prague, CZE
  • Artbox Gallery Zürich, Joint exhibition, Zurich, CH
  • Art Innsbruck, Artfair, Innsbruck, AUT
  • Swiss Art Expo, Artfair, Zurich, CH
  • ARTe Wiesbaden, Artfair, Wiesbaden, DEU
  • Barcelona, ArtBox Gallery, Joint exhibition, Barcelona, ESP
  • ARTMUC Oktober 2020, Artfair, Munich, DEU

Exhibitions 2019

  • “Verwicklungen”, Solo exhibition, Holzkirchen, DEU
  • 23. Art Innsbruck, Artfair, Innsbruck, AUT
  • Artboxgallery, Joint exhibition, Zurich, CH
  • Bayerisches Verwaltungsgericht, Solo exhibition, Munich, DEU
  • Gallery ArtInnovation, Joint exhibition, Berlin, DEU
  • ArtMuc, Artfair, Munich, DEU
  • Gallery Arte Borgo, Joint exhibition, Rome, ITA
  • Gallery Artinnovation, Solo exhibition, Innsbruck, AUT
  • Face Art Verona, Joint exhibition, Verona, ITA
  • Ringoseika Gallery, Joint exhibition, Tokyo, JAP
  • Gallery ArtInnovation Summer Show, Joint exhibition, Innsbruck, AUT
  • Artboxprojekt Swissartexpo, Joint exhibition, Zurich, CH
  • Gallery Beck, Solo exhibition, Durbach/Offenburg, DEU
  • Art Salzburg, Artfair, Salzburg, AUT
  • Metropolitan Theater, Joint exhibition, Tokyo, JAP
  • Bürgerhaus Römerschanz, Solo exhibition, Gruenwald/ Munich, DEU
  • Art Basel – Miami, Artfair, Miami, USA

Exhibitions 2018

  • Messe Graz Kunstpavillon, Graz, AUT
  • 22. Art Innsbruck, Innsbruck, AUT
  • Stricoff Gallery, New York, USA
  • Ligures Art Prize, Lerici, ITA
  • Gallery Treffpunkt Kunst, Ottobrunn/ Munich, DEU
  • Artbox Gallery, Zurich, CH
  • ArtMuc, Munich, DEU
  • Art Bratislava, Bratislava, SVK
  • Gallery Beck, Homburg/Saar, DEU
  • Gallery ArtInnovation, Innsbruck, AUT
  • Anime Senza Voce, San Marino, RSM
  • Japan-Europe Palace Art Association, Nymphenburg/ Munich, DEU
  • Venice Arte, Venedig, ITA
  • ArtMuc, Munich, DEU
  • Artbox Gallery, Zurich, CH

Exhibitions 2017

  • Artbox Gallery, Zug, CH
  • Internationale Handelszentrum Berlin City, Berlin, DEU
  • Euro Airport Basel, Basel, CH
  • Art Salzburg, Salzburg, AUT
  • Casino Innsbruck, Innsbruck, AUT
  • Gallery ArtInnovation, Innsbruck, AUT
  • Artbox Gallery, Zug, CH
  • Artbox Gallery, Zurich, CH
  • LDX Gallery, Berlin, DEU
  • LDX Gallery, Malta, MLT
  • Casino Innsbruck, Innsbruck, AUT

Exhibitions 2016

  • City Hall Bad Aibling, Bad Aibling, DEU
  • Artbox Gallery, Zug, CH
  • ArtInnovation, Innsbruck, AUT
  • Internationales Handelszentrum Berlin, Berlin, DEU
  • Artbox Gallery, Zug, CH
  • Casino Innsbruck, Innsbruck, AUT
  • Art Spectrum, Miami, USA
  • XX. Art Innsbruck, Innsbruck, AUT

Exhibitions before 2015

  • Praxis “Physiofactum”, Feldkirchen-Westerham, DEU
  • Kunstverein Bad-Aibling, Bad Aibling, DEU
  • Treffpunkt Kunst, Ottobrunn/ Munich, DEU

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